parte de Semana Santa

Thursday, today, in Magdalena Milpas Altas, came a procession that walked through and around the dyed-sawdust-stencil-laid (and other flower-fruit-miscellaneous-arranged) rugs, which were street created.                                               and afterward, the street… Continue reading


a toddler felt my painted-green fingernails and, too, his camera-reflected face, new sights for him. a motorcycle pulled up to a hardware store, and its employee brought out a plastic container and filled their vehicle… Continue reading

personas en abril, 1.

two more collections to come.

in villages driven to/through

hilled roads

Rooftops with fallen fruit, clothes draped on string, a volcano’s top looking harmless and not so far away. The cows, when I leave the third-floor terrace, change, viewed on my stair-descend. One day… Continue reading

a return to Guatemala

Last week I had a meeting slated. The weather was periodic whiteouts, plus, a four-foot-deep driveway snow drift. while an electric blanket and the option to reschedule came in by electronic message. The… Continue reading

go [on] then

  ladies and gentlemen (I intoned that, in my head, as a ringleader. I thought about, some time back, joining a touring circus. I entertained a notion they might let me work a… Continue reading


this week I went to pick up my Volvo (which had been involved in a deer-avoiding accident), and before I entered the garage I prayed, Lord, help this bill to be as low… Continue reading

regarding days

a man came up to me the other day, he told me, I feel God wanted me to tell you something. I said, okay. he said, He doesn’t think you’re a nag. (Word… Continue reading

without typed words

I’ve been hidden behind photos as of late. fun, whimsical, enjoyed-taking photos. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been more present, outside of pages and internet sites, talking more, asking, watching, in listen. but something,… Continue reading

elves and bears and

these three were a joy to be around this winter holiday celebrate time. Lydia is one of the most fun, kind, light-filled persons. Her laugh, contagious.  Her beautiful humor, unique.

December solstice


apron holiday (Thanks. day)

  (our yesterday gathering, me facing them.)

portraits, Nov.


Meadow Harvest Farm, 2

Meadow Harvest Farm

Tablon, Guate, Jan. 2013.

q’s like

I passed aside faded finger swipes on sand, tells of forever and love, phrases known to be taken apart by the sea. I wasn’t barefoot then, yesterday outdoors. Loafer shoed, instead, knowing the… Continue reading

subtle fear

Fear. It comes in such subtle forms, sometimes. Don’t cut your hair, you’ll see more gray strands – a recent vanity fear. Don’t move somewhere remote, ’cause even if you say you’re content… Continue reading

musicians heard, M. Yates and D. Cluck

Meghan Yates (originally appeared in the Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier, July 11, 2013.) BIDDEFORD – Amid books and twilight into night, her shoe heels clapped the ground, her fingers picked a guitar and she sang.… Continue reading

spinning and pointing.

an across the road lawn mower motors loud. my barefoot rubs its other. a car just passed. I believe it sped. people ask how you feel more so than what do you hear… Continue reading

overhead deep

I watched a man dive into water, clothed, deliberate. he swam out after a brief shock and look back. I followed him as he walked. Perhaps my presence was reason he stayed in… Continue reading

near death

so, this morning I thought I was going to die. literally. and in those minutes, which I thought were my planet Earth conclusion, I reached for my phone. I didn’t call 911. or… Continue reading

‘moving’ (a poem)

(a version first posted as part of “Inspired By,” a series found at Katy Tuttle Photography, “moving” his kneed proposal, gum-wrapper fashioned ring. i love you, in repeat, heard, but unbelieved. her… Continue reading

broaching the subject

re: the flight or fight reaction, my inclinate is to flee away. I don’t consider it running, but response justified in self-preservation’s name and for peace’s sake. tho, yes. It’s also to avoid… Continue reading

how are you

I finished an article’s edit, a story written for a weekly periodical. I turned off the online radio. The day still has hours in it, sun on portions of pavement. I haven’t written… Continue reading

Round Pond, ME

Dissection of an Olive’s online.

A volunteer-made, community project created in 2010, with $8,000, with heart and learning as they went. a gem in nonprofit endeavor. my review.

Back in FL, its adjust.

leaf shadows tremble on a trunk. outdoors nods its blue and brown almost green. while faux flowers stand as yard perennials. and fountains murk. without flow, or bird wings.